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Butterfly Headpiece

Butterfly Headpiece

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Rhododendron, Strawflower, Red Clover, Statice, & Cornflower

All headpieces have a base of handwoven cordage. This piece has a base of Daylilly cordage. With a thick elastic band woven throughout these crowns are fully adjustable. Upcycled sari material is woven around the band to ensure maximum comfort for long-term wear. 

Drought-resistant sun worshipers, Strawfloweers teach us that we can bloom under many circumstances. Beautiful long after life has left them, Strawflowers feel eternal. Beauty is never lost. Structured and strong, Strawflowers give us a glimpse of immortality.

Often called Sea Lavender, Statices love the salt and the sea. Beautiful dried, they also remind us that some things linger. We are beings who are capable of great remembering. We let the salt preserve us. Holding onto sandy soils and withstanding the wind reminds us of our own great resilience.

The common name for Cornflowers is Bachelor’s Buttons. Back in the day when young men were in the beginning stages of courting, they would take these abundant field-flowers and place them in the buttonholes of their suits. This is a delightfully playful indication of love and availability.

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