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Gladiolus Headpiece

Gladiolus Headpiece

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Gladiolus, Pussy Willow, Skeletonized Leaves, & Daffodil Bud 

All headpieces have a base of handwoven cordage. This piece has a base of Daylilly cordage. With a thick elastic band woven throughout these crowns are fully adjustable. Upcycled sari material is woven around the band to ensure maximum comfort for long-term wear. 

Vibrant and petal-dense, Dahlias are a showstopper. These beauties bloom in the late spring and provide coveted brightness well into Autumn. In the cold winter months, their tubers hide underground awaiting the bright dry days of summer. They are a brilliant reminder that we cannot bloom year-round. Rest is required. When we are rejuvenated and the season is right we too may dazzle and captivate.

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